BE A BOSS! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA

How You Can Stand Out From The Average Assistant!

Created by Christy Belt Grossman, COO Emeritus, The Belt Team

Be a Boss - 10 Secrets of a Mega EA

Upcoming Classes – “Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA”:

TEAM LEADERS: 2019 Schedule is open for booking. We are about halfway booked. Email Christy to schedule. Slots will likely fill by January.

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What is “Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA”?

Learn how to up your game! Propel your team and your career to higher heights. Find out the difference between having a job and building a career!

Topics include:

  • Mega Mindset
  • Paths to Growth
  • The 3X Rule
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Ownership Mentality
  • Making Failing Forward Fun
  • Communication
  • Lots More!

This is an interactive class for engaged learners. You will walk out with:

  • Ideas To Generate Income For Your Team
  • Ideas For Your Annual Goals
  • An Accountability Partner
  • A Growth Plan
  • Ways To Leverage Numbers
  • Ways To Eliminate Squirrels
  • Confidence To Own Your Role
  • Energy & Strategies To Conquer The Chaos

Average Assistant Vs Mega EA

10 Secrets of a Mega EA



  • President & owner, Ops Boss Coaching LLC
  • Chief Operating Officer of The Belt Team 1995-2018 ( Top 100 Team with Keller Williams Realty 2008-2014, $1 Billion Sold)
  • Interviewed by Gary Keller at Mega Live 2017 & Mega Camp 2012
  • Panelist/Facilitator at KW Family Reunion 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018
  • Listed in Stefan Swanepoel’s Technology Report, 2013, “Top 100 Klout Scores of Individuals In Real Estate”
  • Panelist at Mega Tech, 2013 & 2014
  • Profiled by Inman News, 2015
  • Panelist at Inman Connect New York, 2016
  • Panelist at Connect on The Road DC, 2016
  • Founder of the longest running EA Mastermind in KW
  • Has trained & coached more than 1,700 to “get bossy”
  • Passion For Riding Shotgun in the EA Role & Helping Others

Christy was profiled in Inman News (read the article here).

She’s also been a Contributor for Inman News. Read one of her articles: 5 Things Your Assistant Is Afraid To Tell You”.

Listen to Marguerite Crespillo interview Christy Belt Grossman about hiring and training assistants on her podcast “Real Estate Real World”

Listen to Lori Ballen interview Christy Belt Grossman for her series “Meet The Megas


  • COO of The Anderson Hicks Group – Shawn Anderson & Mike Hicks are members of Gary Keller’s Private Top Agent MastermindBe A Boss Instructor - 10 Secrets of a Mega EA
  • 320 Units and 71 million in volume closed for 2017
  • Panelist at KW Family Reunion 2018
  • Instrumental in the growth of current team from 3 team members to 14
  • 20 years’ experience in administration
  • Corporate Trainer for a major home improvement retailer for 7 years
  • Small Business owner for 5 years
  • Licensed in residential real estate since 2006
  • Specializes in system development and implementation
  • Passionate about elevating the administrative roles in the real estate industry


“Own my role! That was huge, it actually made me like my job more and gave me confidence to proactively contribute more to our team.”

“ I learned way more than I ever expected in 4 hours and left feeling confident in the role I hold. You inspired me to really take my role seriously as a career, not just as a position that pays the bills. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! I cannot wait to start implementing all your “secrets” and really help grow our team! “

“I can tell you it is worth it. My EA had her world flipped around and I have seen immediate results.” Matt Gorham, Keller Williams Realty

“My EA just came back and said she learned more in a half day course than she did at Family Reunion & The Perfect Assistant.” Scott Kato, Mega Agent, KW

“Work has been epic since I went to your workshop!” Nicole Demiglio, COO, The Donovan Team

“You are an incredible teacher and speaker. Your passion for the content and for helping others is very apparent. You were genuine, personal, and knowledgeable. I think any market center would be lucky to have you offer this to them. I hope you can do a follow up class for us sometime in the first quarter next year to see where we are with what you presented and get a refresher.”

“I wanted to tell you how blessed I was at the 10 Secrets of a Mega EA.  It gave me a lot to think about regarding the bottom line and helped me to understand my off the charts-high D-rainmaker better.  I’ve already used a few different approaches and he’s noticed the difference.” Soryda Ring, Operations Manager, Connell Homes Group

“Hi Christy, I wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to Toronto and spending time with us. I must say your course was absolutely phenomenal. I run a team and was present with 2 team members and we all loved it. I went to MegaRelief and the girls completely took charge of the office like I’ve never seen before. And when I came back there was hardly any catch up to be done. WOW. Thank you so much for teaching that course. It changed our team and I hope I will be able to tell you many more stories moving forward. I was blown away and I think it was understated for the amount of value it provides. I was not expecting a class like that… I thought it would be more basic. Happy I attended it with them and every team leader should.” Cintia De Aguiar, Broker

“This class was extremely motivating. I walked out of there feeling more motivated about my life than I ever have. It has seriously inspired me to be the best that I could ever be and more. It makes me want to do whatever I can to really own my job, even though I’m not an assistant(I do marketing). I already have a list of books to read and I’m going to map out my growth plan and goals this weekend and I made myself a 66 Day Challenge already! This class was not only helpful for the business aspect but personal as well. I feel extremely motivated about my life now and things I’m going to change and put into actual motion.”

“Came away with clear actions to implement right away.”

“The information you provided was eye opening.”

“My AHA was thinking like a boss rather than thinking you’re working for a boss.”

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