10 Secrets of A Mega EA PLUS

In addition to the class “Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA”, the following PLUS options are or will be available from Christy Belt Grossman:

Monthly Group Mastermind Resource Call

Subscription Based. This is a 45 minute group conference call once a month based on the challenges & questions YOU have. Questions are sent in prior to call. The group will mastermind and share ideas. Discussion led by Christy Belt Grossman.

1 Year Video Subscription

Receive one video per month as a review of the 10 topics (plus 2 bonus tips) from “10 Secrets of a Mega EA”. If you liked the class, this is a great refresher to help hold yourself accountable to implementation.

Mega – EA Joint Workshop

One day guided workshop that Megas attend WITH their EAs. A great time for the agent and admin to work ON the business instead of IN the business and get on the same page.

Consulting For EA

One on one weekly consulting & accountability for EA by a proven successful EA with 21 years of experience

Coaching for Mega

One on one monthly consulting call for Mega targeted toward leverage provided by EA

Off Site Consulting

Off site targeted consulting conversation as needed with Mega and/or EA

On Site Consulting

Two day on site targeted consulting with Mega, EA and team. Can be customized (ex: analysis of systems, assessment of communication, time management, accountability mechanisms, etc.)

Email Christy for further information.