Ideas & Topics for Your EA Mastermind

Christy Belt Grossman founded & facilitates the longest running EA Mastermind (now called Ops Mastermind) in the country. Still in full swing, this Mastermind meets in the Keller Williams Realty McLean Market Center monthly and is open to all real estate operations staff – whether you are an EA, COO, TC, LC, Marketing Manager, Assistant or “jack-of-all-trades”!

The Master Mind Principle: Two or more people actively engaged in pursuit of a definite purpose, with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.” Napolean Hill

Email Christy if you would like to join the McLean VA Mastermind Group. Click here to find out more about her class “Be A Boss! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA“.

If you’d like to start an EA/Ops Mastermind – here are some of the topics we’ve discussed over the years:

  • An idea to get more business for your agent/team
  • What are you best business practices?
  • Scripts for Admin
  • 33 Touch
  • A challenge you are facing that you need help with
  • The best book you’ve read in the past 30 days
  • Something you learned since our last meeting
  • Share your successes – What is something you do really well?
  • Accountability: How we keep our agents accountable, how we are accountable
  • TimeBlocking and the 4-1-1
  • From Listing to Contract – Who Does What & How
  • From Contract to Close – Who Does What & How
  • Top Producer/CRMs
  • Goldfish CAN Swim with Sharks (DISC & Effective Communication)
  • It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark (Annual Planning/Goal Setting)
  • Lead Tracking & Follow Up
  • Goal Setting and the 1-3-5
  • Family Reunion & Mega Camp AHA’s
  • Share Your Best Marketing Ideas
  • Social Media
  • Dreamboarding (journal exercise and hands on vision boards)
  • Share Your Ideas to Make Life Easier
  • Systems & Strategies for Staying Organized
  • Boundaries – what are yours and how do you maintain them?
  • How Your team is Set Up/Org Charts/Growth
  • MREA/SHIFT/The One Thing
  • Web Sites – who are you using? What are you paying? How are you getting results What results are you getting? Are you paying for leads?
  • Halftime Show – A reality check on production goals vs actual. Come with two numbers: 2017 Production Goal (either GCI, volume or units) and your actual closed plus pending. Discuss action plans to help ensure our agents/teams we reach our annual goals. In general, contracts need to be ratified by December 1 to close in 2017. So your agent/team should have about 50% of your goal on the books (more if you are typically heavier in first half of year as second). What great things are you doing to get them to their goal?
  • Email marketing campaigns, direct mail postcards, etc. Come with samples, vendors, costs & AHAs to share.
  • Video: Email me links to videos your team does. We’ll watch them at our meeting. This could be for marketing, pre-listing, explanations of the buyer process, house tours, client testimonials or any other creative ideas. Share your AHAs.
  • Pre-Listing Packages
  • Operations Manuals
  • Closing gifts & pop by ideas
  • Your Growth Plan – What is on your Growth Plan this year? What are you doing to grow your leadership, your skills, etc? Come prepared to share ideas for books to read, classes you’re taking, events you are traveling to, coaching/accountability, etc. We’ll compile a list and share with the group.
  • Profit share & building your downline
  • ROI – How to track and calculate your ROI on marketing
  • CTE & tracking
  • Potluck or social event once a year – either at Thanksgiving or Christmas.